10 Health-Boosting Powers of Drinking Tea

5 min readOct 28, 2020


Behind only water, tea is the most popular drink in the world. But when you take a sip of tea, are you aware of how many gifts you may be giving yourself?

Drinking hot tea can raise your spirit and even help keep your body strong and healthy. With that, the question arises, what types of tea should you be drinking? Teas are not all created equally, and depending on your goals, you should choose the type that best fits your needs. For this purpose, we have created a list of some popular styles of tea and their associated benefits. Let’s start with why you should be drinking tea:

1. Promote Heart Health

Adults who drink more than 5 cups of tea daily have a 26% lower risk of death from heart attack or stroke. Tea may also protect against degenerative cardiovascular problems. Drinking green tea may significantly bring down the risk of heart disease by lowering LDL cholesterol and fatty oils.

2. Protect Your Brain Health

Studies have shown that tea could lower the risk of developing Alzheimer’s by up to 86%. Tea is believed to contain chemicals that improve memory and activate brain activity, protecting it from degenerative diseases.

3. Lower the Risk of Diabetes

Tea is believed to provide several benefits related to diabetes. Various studies have shown that tea can reduce the risk of developing diabetes, improve insulin sensitivity, or even reduce the risk of premature death from type 2 diabetes for those already diagnosed.

4. Boost Your Mood

A popular reason to drink tea worldwide is to receive its unique mood-boosting abilities. Tea is known to contain amino acids that act as natural antidepressants and stress-relievers. The chemicals affect the serotonin and dopamine in the brain, creating a better sense of well-being and positivity!

5. Soothe Stress

Regardless of your stress origin — work, family, finances, or other; tea is known to help de-stress. Studies have shown that black tea drinkers are able to de-stress faster and have lower levels of cortisol, the stress inducing hormone. The study also indicates that tea helps to speed up from life’s daily stresses.

6. Maintain a Healthy Weight

While tea might not burn fat on its own, it does present several advantages for someone looking to lose weight. Tea is known to boost metabolism, which is critical for burning calories and maintaining a healthy weight. It is also known to help break down fats at an accelerated rate. Finally, tea’s caffeine can increase energy usage, helping to further burn calories.

7. Promote Bone Strength

A British study has indicated that women who regularly consume tea have significantly greater bone mineral density than non-tea drinkers. It is believed that the nutrients found in tea can even help protect against osteoporosis.

8. Protect Against Cancer

There is increasing evidence that the antioxidants in tea can interfere with the development of cancer. It is believed that tea can decrease free radical DNA damage and inhibit tumor cell proliferation. More research is being performed to determine how effective tea truly is. Still, early tests seem promising that you may be able to reduce your likelihood of developing several types of cancer by increasing your tea intake.

9. Improve Endurance

Do you feel exhausted immediately when you work out? Tea can help improve your endurance. Tea has proven to enhance the utilization of carbohydrates, which decreases the consumption of endogenous energy stores. In other words, the risk of fatigue is reduced, and endurance is prolonged.

10. Stay Hydrated

It is incredibly important to remain hydrated. Tea can be a great supplement to water in order to achieve your daily hydration goals. In fact, the antioxidants in tea may even help hydrate you more effectively than water alone. However, if you drink a lot of tea, you are likely better off opting for herbal tea, as drinking too much caffeine may adversely affect your hydration.

Which Tea is Right for You?

Now that we understand some of the benefits of tea, let’s dive into some specific types. Read on to learn more about popular styles and discover which might be right for you:

  • Green Tea

Green tea is one of the most popular and is known for it’s widespread benefits. To name a few, green tea improves the condition of hair and skin, aids in metabolism, increases energy, reduces the risk of heart disease, manages weight, strengthens bones, and has even been found to help prevent cancer.

  • Chamomile Tea

If you ever experience difficulty getting a good night’s sleep, chamomile tea is worth a try. Chamomile tea is naturally relaxing and helps create a calming sense. This helps reduce anxiety and promotes improved sleep.

  • Black Tea

Black tea is another extremely popular style. Given the many benefits, it’s no wonder! Black tea has been found to improve heart health, lower cholesterol, aid immunity, reduce blood pressure, prevent strokes, improve focus, and even prevent cancer cell survival!

  • Eucalyptus Tea

Do you have trouble breathing? Then this might be the tea for you! Eucalyptus tea is popularly used for treating colds, flus, and related sore throats. It has also been know to help break fevers! Some have even found success in reducing snoring with the use of eucalyptus tea. Beyond respiratory help, eucalyptus tea can be used to help regulate blood sugar, digestion, and immunity. Click here to learn more!

  • Rosemary Tea

Rosemary tea is another popular favorite and one of the oldest known tea styles. Its benefits include alleviating headaches, easing skin irritations, reducing stress, improving digestion, enhancing focus and memory, increasing blood flow, treating seizure disorders, and even lowering the risk of breast cancer!

  • Ginger Tea

If you like the flavor of ginger, get ready to hear why else this could be your new favorite tea! Among other benefits, ginger tea is known to calm motion sickness, relieve nausea, protect against heart disease, manage weight, relieve pain, and improve immunity.

Let us know below! What is your favorite tea?

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